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"""IO functions for 10x Visium technology.
import os
from typing import List, NamedTuple, Optional, Union

import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
from anndata import AnnData
from typing_extensions import Literal

from ..configuration import SKM
from ..logging import logger_manager as lm
from .utils import get_points_props

    import ngs_tools as ngs

[docs] VERSIONS = { "visium": ngs.chemistry.get_chemistry("Visium").resolution, }
except ModuleNotFoundError: class SpatialResolution(NamedTuple): scale: float = 1.0 unit: Optional[Literal["nm", "um", "mm"]] = None VERSIONS = {"visium": SpatialResolution(55.0, "um")}
[docs]def read_10x_as_anndata(matrix_dir: str) -> AnnData: """Read 10x Visium matrix directory as AnnData. Args: matrix_dir: Path to directory containing matrix files. Returns: AnnData of barcodes x genes. """ obs = pd.read_csv(os.path.join(matrix_dir, "barcodes.tsv.gz"), names=["barcode"]).set_index("barcode") var = pd.read_csv(os.path.join(matrix_dir, "features.tsv.gz"), names=["gene_name", "gene_id", "library"]).set_index( "gene_id" ) X =, "matrix.mtx.gz")).tocsr() return AnnData(X=X, obs=obs, var=var)
[docs]def read_10x_positions_as_dataframe(path: str) -> pd.DataFrame: """Read 10x tissue positions CSV as dataframe. Args: path: Path to file Returns: DataFrame containing barcode positions. """ df = pd.read_csv( path, names=["barcode", "in_tissue", "array_row", "array_col", "pxl_row_in_fullres", "pxl_col_in_fullres"] ) return df
[docs]def read_10x(matrix_dir: str, positions_path: str, version: Literal["visium"] = "visium") -> AnnData: """Read 10x Visium data as AnnData. Args: matrix_dir: Directory containing matrix files (barcodes.tsv.gz, features.tsv.gz, matrix.mtx.gz) positions_path: Path to CSV containing spatial coordinates version: 10x technology version. Currently only used to set the scale and scale units of each unit coordinate. This may change in the future. """ adata = read_10x_as_anndata(matrix_dir) positions = read_10x_positions_as_dataframe(positions_path) adata.obs = positions.set_index("barcode").loc[adata.obs_names] adata.obsm["spatial"] = adata.obs[["pxl_row_in_fullres", "pxl_col_in_fullres"]].values scale, scale_unit = 1.0, None if version in VERSIONS: resolution = VERSIONS[version] scale, scale_unit = resolution.scale, resolution.unit # Set uns SKM.init_adata_type(adata, SKM.ADATA_UMI_TYPE) SKM.init_uns_pp_namespace(adata) SKM.init_uns_spatial_namespace(adata) # SKM.set_uns_spatial_attribute(adata, SKM.UNS_SPATIAL_BINSIZE_KEY, binsize) SKM.set_uns_spatial_attribute(adata, SKM.UNS_SPATIAL_SCALE_KEY, scale) SKM.set_uns_spatial_attribute(adata, SKM.UNS_SPATIAL_SCALE_UNIT_KEY, scale_unit) return adata