Contributions are always welcome!


  1. Make a local clone of the Spateo repository.

  2. Install Python requirements for development.

    pip install -r dev-requirements.txt
  3. Install pre-commit hooks.

    We use pre-commit to enforce code quality standards. Specifically, we use black for code formatting and isort for import formatting.

    pre-commit install

    Once the hooks are installed, your code will automatically be re-formatted every time you make a commit.


We use nosetests for unit-testing. All tests are located in the tests directory. Whenever you make a change (whether it may be a bug fix, new feature, etc.), you should run unit-tests to make sure everything is working as intended. For convenience, we have a Makefile directive that runs all tests automatically.

make test

All tests must pass for a pull request to be accepted!


All tutorials are located in the spateo-tutorials GitHub repo. We also provide a Jupyter Notebook template for tutorials here.