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"""Image IO.

from typing import Optional

import cv2
from anndata import AnnData

from .image_utils import add_image_layer

[docs]def read_image( adata: AnnData, filename: str, scale_factor: float, slice: Optional[str] = None, img_layer: Optional[str] = None, ) -> AnnData: """Load an image into the AnnData object. Args: adata: AnnData object filename: The path of the image scale_factor: The scale factor of the image. Define: pixels/DNBs slice: Name of the slice. Will be used when displaying multiple slices. img_layer: Name of the image layer. Returns ------- :attr:`~anndata.AnnData.uns`\\ `['spatial'][slice]['images'][img_layer]` The stored image :attr:`~anndata.AnnData.uns`\\ `['spatial'][slice]['scalefactors'][img_layer]` The scale factor for the spots """ img = cv2.imread(filename) if img is None: raise FileNotFoundError(f"Could not find '{filename}'") adata = add_image_layer( adata=adata, img=img, scale_factor=scale_factor, slice=slice, img_layer=img_layer, ) # TODO: show image return adata